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The South Campus tennis club house is home to the Madibaz Tennis team. This is where practice sessions, many league matches and tournaments are held. Madibaz Tennis is all about inclusivity with a touch of competitivity. Include your fellow players however, always play with competitive flair. Here the players can enjoy a little more than just the game. Our Club hosts gatherings for both regular and social players and is even used as a venue for year-end functions for staff and students. 

Our Madibaz Tennis Club houses 12 all-weather courts was built in 1974. The Madibaz Tennis Club attracts large numbers of students of all ages, abilities and nationalities. In the past our Club has had both German and French students play here. Our facilities allow us to accommodate many players.

The location of the Club is very popular because of its high built-up ground and the numerous trees surrounding the courts providing sufficient wind cover. Lighting is supplied to 6-8 of our tennis courts for evening play.

The girls playing league
 LEFT TO RIGHT: Demi da Silva, Megan Reed, Danielle Stander and Kerry Pattinson


The Madibaz Tennis Club has been a popular host of wheelchair tennis. Nelson Mandela University, in collaboration with Wheelchair Tennis South Africa, annually hosts four tennis coaching clinics for players from schools with disabilities. 


Marshall Marsh is Nelson Mandela University's own wheelchair tennis champion. Marshall studied Human Movement Sciences at Nelson Mandela University. His disability lies in his mobility. His daily challenges include the inconvenience of inaccessible public transportation and being around intolerant people. Marshall's motivation is "don't doubt your ability to what you can achieve in life."

He has won a series of wheelchair tennis competitions and is the only South African wheelchair tennis player to have been selected to attend a youth development camp hosted in London. Marshall was the first wheelchair tennis player to reach the second round of the British Open. He has been a semi-finalist in the Limpopo Open of June 2010 as well as part of the South African tennis team of 2010. Marshall has gone as far as participating in the World Team Cup.

ABOVE: Marshall Marsh (left and right)