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Training times

Tennis squad training for league or regular players take place at the South Campus courts. Anyone who would like to join these practices are most welcome. It is recommended for all of our Club players to attend these practices regularly as to keep up their fitness levels and general play. The following are the weekly practice times;

Mondays: 17:00- 19:00
Wednesdays: 17:00- 19:00

No official practice takes place during recess, university holidays or public holidays.

Social tennis

Social tennis takes place at the South Campus courts. Students of any age and ability are welcome to join any time. 

Mondays: 15:00- 17:00
Wednesdays: 15:00- 17:00

No official practice takes place during recess, university holidays or public holidays.

Meet the Coach


The Madibaz Tennis Club has the privilege of being coached by one of the highest qualified coaches in South Africa. Hennie de Klerk is a coach who creates a passion for tennis wherever he goes. He has his students' best interests at heart and is a calm and encouraging tennis coach. His true knowledge of tennis and the understanding he possesses beyond the racket and ball gives you a whole new perspective of the game. Hennie is committed to his team and leads by example of positivity and respect. He is the team's biggest fan and his consistent patience and drive motivates each and every player at Nelson Mandela University. 

Coach de Klerk studied Human Movement Sciences at Nelson Mandela University. As a tennis player, he has achieved top South African rankings as a junior player, senior player and at veterans level. Hennie de Klerk is currently a South African Tennis Coaches course leader and has been the tournament director of numerous Super 7 tournaments. He is a former South African Tennis Coaches vice chairperson and the Tennis Eastern Province Coaches chairperson and vice chairperson.

Coach de Klerk is very involved with wheelchair tennis South Africa. He is the South African Wheelchair Tennis coach and was the South African Women’s Wheelchair Tennis World Team Cup coach and captain in 2011. He used to work as a coach and manager taking the South African Wheelchair groups abroad. Coach de Klerk represented the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to introduce Wheelchair tennis in Zimbabwe and assisted in hosting the Annual International Wheelchair tennis tournament at the Nelson Mandela University courts. Four wheelchair tennis coaching clinics are hosted by Coach de Klerk at the Nelson Mandela University courts per year for Port Elizabeth schools for children with disabilities. Coach de Klerk encourages and involves himself in numerous community based tennis development projects. He has written many articles for local newspapers on these projects.

As a coach, de Klerk is qualified with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) at levels 1, 2 and 3. He has held coaching positions at numerous provincial and national levels, including the South African Junior Davis Cup as coach and captain in 2011. Coach de Klerk has served as Eastern Province Junior squad coach for 20 years. He currently holds the position of Madibaz tennis club coach.


  LEFT: Coach Hennie de Klerk


  (W) +27 (0)41 504 4886
  (Mob) +27 (0)82 780 7040